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Supervisor Toolkit

Welcome to the Supervisor Toolkit: Empowering Leaders for Success!

Our Supervisor Toolkit is a comprehensive resource designed to equip supervisors with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in their leadership roles. Whether you're a seasoned manager or stepping into a supervisory position for the first time, this toolkit is your go-to guide for effective leadership.

Supervisor Training Course

Our comprehensive course will be tailored for new academic advisors in supervisory roles and seasoned supervisors looking to enhance their leadership skills. This program combines academic expertise with practical leadership strategies, providing participants with the tools and knowledge to excel in supervisory positions within the academic advising field.

More details soon!

Performance Management

This resource is dedicated to providing supervisors with a comprehensive overview for efficiently managing the annual performance review process. Designed to simplify and enhance the review experience, this hub equips supervisors with the tools and resources needed to conduct fair, insightful, and constructive assessments.

More details soon!