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Family and Supporters

Ways to support an exploring student

- Encourage them to schedule time with their academic advisor.

- Encourage them to meet with an advisor in Career Services.

- Encourage them to register for a first-year seminar course.

- Focus on what they have done, not what they have yet to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a great question and we are happy to hear you want to be involved in our students’ success. Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), MSU employees are unable to share student record information unless there is a signed FERMA waiver on file. You can find additional information on Student Privacy Rights online. If students have questions about their class performance, we encourage them to reach out their professors/instructors directly. Exploratory Advisors are also available to coach students in having these conversations should they need assistance. We want to empower students to have these conversations with their professors/instructors directly.

We are sorry when these instances occur, but know they will for some of our students. Please visit the student Grief Absence Policy guidelines for more information. While the most important person students should connect with during these circumstances is their professor/instructor, Exploratory Advisors are also available to coach students through this process.
All students must declare their major before they reach junior status or 56 credit hours. If students have questions about this process, they can learn more about Exploratory Preference advising.

Spartan Family Connections

Spartan Family Connections (SFC) is a central resource for Spartan families as they help their students succeed while navigating life at MSU. SFC will provide resources and tools to engage families of students, both biological and chosen, to assist them in thriving at MSU with the goal of graduation.

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