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Enrollment Exception Options

Michigan State University recognizes that there are times when students experience an extenuating situation, emergency or hardship that interferes with their ability to attend and/or successfully complete a class. To provide flexibility and supportive action, the following options are available to students given the events of Feb.13.

Students should discuss their individual situation with an academic advisor. Additionally, some students may need to consult the Office of Financial Aid to discuss financial implications before submitting requests for any of these options.

Students can work with their college or department to submit a Withdrawal and Administrative Action (Late Drop without a Grade) form which is located on the MSU RO: Forms Menu. This request can be made for individual class drops or withdrawal from all classes with refunds and no grade. Students should contact their academic advisor to initiate a request for this option.
Medical Leave, also referred to as Medical Withdrawal, is dropping ALL courses for the semester due to a medical condition causing a catastrophic impact on a student’s ability to remain enrolled. Students needing to utilize this option must submit a request form. They may also be required to submit a request to Return from Medical Leave when they are ready to resume.
Students can also submit an email to regarding individual class drops or withdrawal from all classes with refund and no grade. Before a request can be finalized, the student will be connected with their academic advising unit to ensure they have discussed their situation. The Office of the Registrar makes a decision in consultation with academic and administrative offices and notifies the student of the decision.