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Credit-No Credit (CR-NC)

Last updated: 11/17/2023

This page will be updated in as additional information is available. All students are strongly encouraged to work with their academic advisors to determine possible implications of their choices.

Effective Fall 2023 only: Credit – No Credit (CR-NC)

Per Interim President Woodruff’s request, the Office of the Registrar has extended the deadline to request CR-NC until December 8, 2023, for the Fall 2023 semester. No other changes to the current policy have been made.

CR-NC Grading Thresholds  

Credit (CR): Undergraduate students must perform at or above the 2.0 level; graduate students must perform at or above the 3.0 level.

No-Credit (NC): Below 2.0 for undergraduate students, below 3.0 for graduate students. 

What this Means for Students Now

At this time, the CR-NC grade reporting option can be applied to any eligible course (see exceptions listed above), with the timeline for undergraduates to choose this option until December 8, 2023.