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Shay S. Sandoval-Flores (she/her/hers/ella/kwe)

I love everything about being an advisor. The ups, downs, and everything that advising encompasses. I love engaging and interacting with the students, as well as listening to them. I love helping them decide on what academic path they want to follow. I absolutely love supporting them academically, socially, emotionally, and holistically. I know I make a difference in their higher education experience and that makes me proud of being an exceptional advisor.
Honestly, I am most proud of being a mother to two of the sweetest, kindest, caring, and beautiful children. Every time I hear them laugh, I am reminded of this precious gift. Whenever I see them doing good deeds or someone shares something with me, I am even more proud that I have done a great job as a mother.
I am passionate about a lot. I have always been passionate about helping ensure that everyone has equitable economic, educational, political, and social rights and opportunities. I have been a social justice warrior since I was young and I was known for such as a student at Michigan State University in the late 1990s. I served on many student organization panels, identity affinity/racial & ethnic group boards, hall government committees, as well as being an ASMSU liaison for the LBGTQIA+ populations during my undergrad years. Those passions are still prevalent in the work I do today personally and professionally.
I have many interesting facts. One of the most recent interesting facts is in August 2022, several others and I were appointed by the Mayor of East Lansing, Ron Bacon, to serve on a committee to rename the park formerly known as Abbott Road Park and give it an Indigenous name, Azaadiika.


Shay Sandoval-Flores (she/her/hers/ella/kwe)

Academic Advisor