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Emily Abell (she/her)

As a former K-12 teacher, I loved being a mentor for my young students. As an advisor, I am able to combine that with my passion for education to help students discover new passions, set out to achieve their goals, and be their best selves.
My favorite time on campus is walking around on the first few warm days in the spring. Everyone is out and about setting up hammocks, studying outside, and connecting with each other. It's like the entire campus is coming back to life after the bitter cold days of winter!
To me, "Spartans Will" is where the journey begins. Then, it's up to each Spartan to find their ending. Everyone has their own opportunity to make their Spartan experience whatever they want it to be! As an advisor, I am excited to guide each student toward their individual ending to what they will do as a Spartan. 

Spartans Will ____

Let's fill in the blank!
In my years as an undergrad, I really found a sense of independence. I had so many new experiences, found out new interests I had, and accomplished numerous goals I set out for.

Emily Abell (she/her)

Academic Advisor