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Student Advising Pathways Working Group

Lead: Jonelle Golding, director of University Advising and Academic Transitions (with a representative from each college)

The Student Advising Pathways Working Group’s charge is to develop a structure that builds on and complements college/department advising and functions through academic interests that are aligned with admissions and career interest areas. The working group will build a centrally managed advising team of undergraduate advisors who focus on students’ first two years at MSU. This will be supplemented by a set of centralized administrative processes developed through research with advising experts at MSU and the best practices of similar programs at other major universities.

Student Advising Pathways Working Group membership:

  • Dorcia Chaison, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Erica Hooker, College of Arts and Letters
  • Janae Lawler, College of Natural Science 
  • Kari Lopez, College of Communication Arts and Sciences
  • Krystal Owens, College of Nursing
  • Latisha Hurd, College of Education
  • Lindsay Naylor, College of Engineering
  • Marissa King, Residential College in the Arts and Humanities
  • Melanie Wallace, College of Business
  • Amanda Ritter, Honors College
  • Niki Rudolph, Lyman Briggs College 
  • Emelia Hammond, James Madison College
  • Ryan Shadbolt, College of Social Science
  • Sarah Tomasik, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Talitha Wimberly, College of Music 
  • Adam Davis, Office of Admissions
  • Jeff Beavers, Career Services 
  • Justin St. Charles, Office of the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education
  • Beth Judge, Office of the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education 
  • Qiana Green, Office of the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education